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Grant Evaluations:

Recovery Solutions conducts comprehensive grant evaluation studies for courts and non-profit organizations.

Using a multi-faceted approach, Recovery Solutions utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data to validate grant outcomes and make specific program reccomendations. Evaluations typically include:

  • Customized data base creation and management
  • Statistical and inferential analysis
  • Process gap anaylsis
  • Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Threats (S.C.O.T.) anaylsis
  • Staff interveiws and focus groups
  • Participant interviews and focus groups
  • Program recommendations
  • Directions for future research
  • Dissemination of findings to local and national stakeholders   

Recovery Solutions has an extensive resume of completed evaluations with several different problem solving courts including drug, mental health, co-occurring disorders, re-entry, family, youth, and domestic violence courts. Recovery Solutions has also been involved in the implementation and process evaluations for the Buffalo Veteran's Treatment Court, the first Veteran's court in the country and a national model for all problem solving courts.