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Education 2 Recovery

Education 2 Recovery is a model created for community colleges to partner with problem solving courts and treatment facilities to help integrate individuals with alcohol, drug, and/or mental health challenges. Education 2 Recovery aides in establishing intensive academic case management services for individuals to learn how to negotiate the complexity of systems in higher education. The return is often $10 for every $1 invested. Currently, 40% of addicted individuals do not have a high school diploma, 30% read at the elementary school level, and most lack marketable vocational and career skills.

Richard Washousky has developed an educational model of change that is unique to the recovering population and has proven to be very effective. This model has been utilized in problem solving courts in Buffalo, NY and has been nationally recognized as an agent of change. Over 2,200 individuals with alcohol, drug, and/or mental health problems have had the privilege of attending local community colleges.


Recovery Solutions is firmly committed to the idea that education is the pathway to sustaining recovery and can provide the following service:

  • Consulting services to community colleges, in accordance with the court system, who are interested in establishing similar programs.
  • Assist with establishing policies, procedures, referral systems, and record keeping for college staff 
  • Work with senior executive staff, faculty, and the College Board of Trustees to recognize the value added to communities
  • Continous progress monitoring, program evaluation, and enhancement


Please contact us for more information on how you can get started on a journey to harness the power of higher education on the lives of those who are looking to make a positive change in the lives.